Fundamentals of MSDI (Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure)

Enrollment Period 11-01-2021 ~ 12-31-2022
Learning period 11-01-2021 ~ 12-31-2022(61 weeks)
Lecture_time 2h38m
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About the Course


It consists of a total of 8 lessons with contents produced by KHOA and provided through the TRDC to help hydrographers who are beginning to understand MSDI.


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1. Master Scenario

2. The Marine Data Products and Services

3. Sharing Data

4. Copyrights and the hydrographer

5. Spatial Data Infrastructure

6. The Marine Dimension of Spatial Data Infrastructure

7. The Practical Use of GIS for SDI Solutions

8. Marine Information Overlays


Course Reviews

  • Dias
    The course content is very well structured. I leave some suggestions for further improving:
    - In some videos, the slide animations and the audio is not synchronized;
    - Consider adding subtitles in other languages;
    - Consider adding video speed controls (faster/slower);
    - Consider providing video transcriptions;
    - Video’s finishing seems a little bit abrupt (should be smooth);
    - Quizzes don’t give feedback regarding the answers;
    - Certificate of Completion format is still in test format.