Fundamentals of Chart Production

Enrollment Period 12-01-2021 ~ 12-31-2022
Learning period 12-01-2021 ~ 12-31-2022(57 weeks)
Lecture_time 5h35m
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About the Course


Based on S-8B (Ver 3.1.0), it is composed of 14 lessons with contents prepared by KHOA and provided through the TRDC to enhance basic knowledge of nautical charts and ENCs.


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1. The Use of Nautical Chart and Publications

2. ENCs, ECS and ECDIS

3. The Design of Charts and ENCs

4. Source Material for Charts and ENCs

5. How charts are constructed

6. Practical Geodesy for Charts and ENCs

7. Evaluation of Bathymetric Surveys

8. Sounding Selection Introducing

9. S-57 and ENC Production

10. Data Creation and Editing

11. Validating ENC Data

12. Methods of Updating

13. Notices to Mariners

14. Notice to Mariners Block Exercise


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