Fundamentals of Hydrographic SurveySelf-paced

Fundamentals of Hydrographic Survey

Enrollment Period 01-01-2023 ~ 12-31-2024
Learning period 01-01-2023 ~ 12-31-2024(104 weeks)
Lecture_time 2.5H
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About the Course


Based on S-5B Ver. 1.0.1., it is composed of 15 lessons in total with contents prepared by KHOA and provided through the TRDC to enhance basic knowledge of hydrographic surveying.


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1. Introduction to Hydrography

2. Meteorology Fundamentals and Measurements

3. Oceanography Fundamentals and Measurements

4. Marine Geology and Geophysics

5. Tidal Theory

6. GNSS Concepts

7. Underwater Acoustics 1

8. Underwater Acoustics 2

9. Single Beam Echo Sounders

10. Side Scan Sonar

11. Other systems

12. Multibeam fundamentals

13. Multibeam practicals

14. Remote Sensing Principles

15. LiDAR application


Course Reviews

  • Aija Zans
    There were many issues with the course: videos repeated in different sections that were supposed to be part of chapter 5. Some videos wont show as seen. Some videos had no audio, and the subtitles were in the wrong language. You aren't able to answer the "quiz" videos as it just plays and finishes. Half of the final ENG exam was actually in Spanish. Because some videos aren't showing as completed, and the final exam isn't showing as completed, I can't seem to find/download the certificate. Otherwise, as a free course it was good. Thank you!
  • Anthony Pieka
    Edit: I have manage to download the certificate. The Course was very good and easy to follow.

    I have watched all videos and answered al the questions but i can't download the certificate.

  • Sajeenthira Rajasooriya
    I watched all videos but quizzes in the videos can not be answered.
    i finished all lessons and completed the quiz but result is not available for me. I am totally disappointed because i spent more time for this.