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    • 2023-01-13

      e-learning course completion in 2022

      Happy New Year!The IHO e-Learning Project Team is pleased to announce that 130 learners registered to 205 courses from May to December 2022, among 30 learners completed 39 courses. The continuation of the e-Learning Center is to be decided at the 3rd Session of the IHO ...

    • 2022-05-9

      Congratulatory messages for the newly opened IHO e-Learning center

      It is a great pleasure to contribute to make the E-learning Center a very successful project, not possible to achieve without the professional and unique contribution and support of KHOA and the ad hoc Project Team established for implementing the Center.  &nb...

    • 2021-12-15

      [Notice] IHO E-Learning Center Launched!

      We are happy to launch the IHO e-Learning Center LMS.The website shares a variety of collections of IHO Courses & Teaching and Learning Materials.We hope these could be an authentic reference for discovering IHO  in the classroom setting.For more information, p...